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Sunday, April 13, 2014

82 Going Anyways, No More In The Woods, Love & Grief, Alone in the World

Episode released from my youth home in Mandalay, Bogotá, Colombia, where the 1993 tapes come from but NOT this one which is from April 2003 in Buford, Georgia (2:18) I don't know where I'm going, but I'm GOING ANYWAYS...I got my system in place to find a way to survive and figure out where to go after this, 'cause I'm prone to follow in my help me pull through 'cause I'm going all the way! (5:50) I'm NOT IN THE WOODS anymore, lyrics inspired after watching a Michael Jackson documentary on Netflix c/o the McDonough HomeDepot's wifi (9:06) All the LOVE AND GRIEF in this life...all I need is someone to share it with, if you come with me I'll show you what I mean; you are the one for me but I want you to be free and choose me for yourself; I need your love and company to share everything, the wellness and disease, the rose and the thorn... (13:08) Amy shared leadership insights from teamplayers Disney and Co. from Joaquín and Santiago's shared birthday rite of passage in Orlando, I'm heading back to Georgia from my home in Bogotá having spent quality time with abuelita, mami and sisters, back to feeling all ALONE IN THE WORLD

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

81 [in memoriam ABL] Let Us Love, Like A River, Precious, Deeper + John 3:16 au Franglais

This episode is dedicated to the memory of my father, Alfredo de Jesús Bernal Londoño, who moved on yesterday morning to a higher sphere after 84 fruitful years on this earth. Nunca te olvidaré, papito lindo [Part 2 of NovDec '04 LetUsLove] "A new commandment He gave to us, that we love one another as He loved us, so LET US LOVE and forgive one another, always..." But then again, who will sacrifice for one another, who's gonna pay the price to make amends, who's gonna love and be like Jesus? (4:54) Your LOVE is LIKE a RIVER, like the mountains, like just awesome! (6:46) I need you Lord, I need your presence, I need your Word to renew my soul...You're so PRECIOUS, precious, precious to my soul (8:38) Words can only say so much when I need to express my heart: "I love you, I need you"... I long to grow deeper, DEEPER IN LOVE with You (9:53) In my bedroom in Mandalay having just returned from San Andrés Isla, a 1996 recording with my baby sister Maribel singing the words of JOHN 3:16 in French, oui monsieur! Then with Amy in English 10 yrs later in our Buford home (12:26) Have I told you lately that I love you, my brother, sister, mother, father? The new new commandment is Let Us Love!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

80 New Song in my mouth, w/o You I wouldn't be here, OneTrueDesire, Here am I send me, Amazing Freedom

From 2004's projected album LET US LOVE as produced in C.O.F.'s classic Yamaha Motif and then on my own ES here are the tracks for A NEW SONG IN MY MOUTH (2:30) THANK YOU LORD (3:55) WITHOUT YOU I WOULDN'T BE HERE, rough translation of "De la misma manera" from episode 73 right here (7:10) MY ONE TRUE DESIRE aka Señor Tú Eres Mi Anhelo from San Andres Isla, Colombia (10:13) HERE AM I, send me (15:17) Don't you miss the freedom of the Lord, don't you miss it for the world, it's an AMAZING FREEDOM! [Part 1 of NovDec '04 LetUsLove]

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79 Los Colores de la Creación, Sinking Ships/Broken Dreams, Suddenly We're Cool, Winter's Gone, Entropy

LOS COLORES DE LA CREACIÓN, colors reflect the light of your Majesty as creation declares your love and faithfulness (4:42) I THINK I'M GONNA GO before I'm shown the door and go from a broken heart to broken dreams... (7:31) This is where I say my lines, this is where I draw the line, but SUDDENLY I FEEL WE'RE COOL (10:37) WINTER'S GONE with this song, I sure hope the spring brings a new reason to sing (14:41) ENTROPY melody, I wish I was able to understand why energy ran out on us. [Part 3 of 0309 HBjb31].

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Monday, March 10, 2014

77 [11 yrs ago] My Wife Got Me A Car, Never Long Enough, Summer in Rio, And We'll be Okay

[Part 1 of 0309 HBjb31] Ten years ago...My wife went out and GOT ME A CAR, I tried really hard to conceal my delight, she's the awesomest girl in the world and she's my girl! (3:55) I'm tired of playing this foolish game, attrition will get us nowhere so get the spotlight off my face...NEVER LONG ENOUGH (8:14) I don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes in my brain, I guess it's time to face another day...SUMMER IN RIO sounds like a plan to me, no saving face to spare the shame but live in the moment, no need to explain (12:54) Don't try to get me fancy things 'cause I don't want them at all, and I WILL BE OKAY.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

76 Care4U, HiDev, What2Do (Alive4aChange), Holiness, Feet2Fire, MiraclePill, Salvation, PartHole, Isaiah

I CARE FOR YOU and the thought of losing you kills me, well...I almost lost this whole episode to a laptop crash while waxing taxing about wacky exes from Waco TX, but thank you Audacity for the great recovery! Plus, I got really lost finding my own rear end thanks to bad directions, while my load back to Kennesaw sat right next to the trailer I had just dropped!!...The training wheels have come off, it's reality check time now on the last installment of [Since Jan. 2003] kct, tracks #26-35Go here for Episode 62 for the beginning of that spread out series (2:40) From Carteret NJ after 3am delivery of fresh chicken, getting my heart HIGH ON DEVOTION for your spiritual emotion (3:49) Memories after 1st rehearsal at C.O.F., I just want to feel ALIVE FOR A CHANGE, please tell/show me what to do about it (6:45) If HOLINESS is...what it takes to be with you, that's what I want to do (10:49) You live under pressure or you don't live at all, I don't care if you call me a liar so keep holding my FEET TO THE FIRE (13:26) There is a place deep in my heart where I conceal all my earthly delights, show me the way you want me to be and under your spell I will fall, now give me some miracle pill that's gonna give me the biggest of chills, yet I feel SO ALONE IN A CROWD, but your love makes me soar higher and rank bigger than Krusty the Klown, now hide the wine from that whiny guy (16:35) Hello hello hello Kurt Cobain, YOUR SALVATION is coming soon! (19:05) I'm JUST A PART you are the whole (21:12) The Spirit of the Lord is in me for He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, to proclaim FREEDOM

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